Wednesday is Hunkday!

The first Wednesday Hunkday Hunk of 2023 is Tanner Reddick who has been gracing my feed for a while now with his cool fashion stylings. With his long slim frame clothes just fit him good. If you heart him he'll heart you back which surprised me and made me blush. Tanner really knows how to pull a look together and rock it which keeps me peeping for more, more, more! 


Miley & Dolly Kiss 2023 Hello

2023 will be a New Years Eve to remember, if you don't over do it, with Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton ringing it in together for Miley's New Years Eve Party tonight. This will be THE party to be at or watch which is what I will be doing if I can stay up that late. Dolly better take a disco nap!

RIP Barbra Walters & Good Riddance 2022

2022 will forever be remembered as the year we lost too many icons. For me the devastation started with Olivia Newton John, then Queeen Elizabeth and my more beloved chihuahua, followed by Irene Cara, so now the news that Barbra Walters has gone up to the big view in the sky is enough for me to say buh-bye and pull out of 2022 to start anew but quick! I did see BW in real life on the street in NYC once and she was teeny-tiny with a big bobble head. As she got out of her town car and walked past with her bodyguards, people yelled her name, 'Yo Barbra!', and she smiled and waved like the real queen she was. BW was truly larger than life! Thank you for leading the pack in television journalism and starting The View, giving us all something to squawk about. I know you'll get the ultimate interview with Jesus on the other side for your biggest prime time special ever! Just don't make him cry! xoxo


Mariah Carey Sings with her Mini Me


Mariah Carey's Christmas Special last night on TVs was everything you ever wanted in a Mariah Carey Christms Special to be! Recorded live at Madison Square Garden she sang some xmas classics and some of her own classics which tooke me higher and higher like a sweet sweet fantasy baby! She also trained her lovely daughter to sing and take the low road so Mimi can still squelch the high notes convincingly. And finally dragging everyone out including Billy Porter, with the song that shalll remain unnamed lest it get stuck in my head again. All in all it was a very mary and family frinedly Christmas Special, like a drag queen story hours for all the world to see!


President Joe Biden Passes Respect for Marriage Act

President  Joe Biden has been busy this holiday season and passes the Marriage Equality Act which protects the rights of the lgbtq+ community as well as the rights of interracial couples.  Love is love, get used to it!


HBD Nicki Minaj! 🎈


Happiest of birthdays to the one the only Nicki Minaj. When you was born they broke the pink mold and you become a technicolor dream come true! Nobody's looked prettier in pink, HBD darling Nicki!


Celine Dion Cancels Upcoming Tour


Sadly Celine Dion has cancled her 2023 tour for now due to serious health issues she has been dealing with. 🙏🏼 I do pray she gets well soon. When it comes to health you have it or you don't and that's just the way it is. Our hearts will go on and on and on for you dear sweet Celine.


Beyoncé Drops Breaks My Soul VIdeo


The recently dropped Beyoncé video for Break My Soul upcycles all the buzziest tikity tok stars at their finest. I do adore that she chose the other kween mother of the Otakoyakisoba family in the front. Thankfully no momma, Queen Bey is not dead but making dreams come true.  So make a witsh on this new foundation!


Emily in Paris Complete and Coming Soon

I need some Paris in my life and Emily in Paris is as close as it's gonna get for me right now, so I can't wait for my 3rd dose toots suite! Merci beaucoup to le EIP cast who became my surrogate office co workers during duller times and gave me a raison d'etre!


KeKe Palmer Hosting SNL


Mi favorita and everyones favorite, KeKe Palmer, is hosting Saturday Night Live and will bring a breath of fresh to this old comedy institution. Queen of the kki, KeKe will bring her sass appeal I'm sure!

spoiler alert!

KeKe revealed she's preggers! Mazel tov!