HBD Oprah!


On Oprah's 60th birthday, It's all coming back to me now of my Oprah encounters back in the day. One time I waited on her table after she finished working out with her trainer. It took me forever to gain my composure once I saw her sit in my station. I desperately tried to give the table to another waitron, but they wanted to see me squirm. After making her wait, I finally mustered up the courage to approach and asked "May I take your order." Oprah replied in her Oprah voice, "I'll have a cinnamon raisin bagel." I unconsciously blurted out, "Is that all?" like I expected her to order a ton of food. With a raised eyebrow, she turned to her trainer then looked at me an said, "and a cup of coffee?" I scurried off and got Oprah her bagel and cup of coffee thinking the whole time I blew it and would be fired for basically calling her fat. The check was $1.50 and she gave me a 100% tip. A class act! HBD Lady!