Ariana Grande - the boy is mine


As I eagerly await Wicked to come out this lil ditty by Ariana Grande is the next best thing! Here she is giving us Cat Woman realness and quite probably auditioning for the next Batman movie. Hint hint, that could be purrfection!


Dolly Parton Poised to Conquer Broadway

I always ask myself WWDD, what would Dolly do? Now I find myself asking WWDD, What won't Dolly do? Music, movies, TV, theme parks, cookbooks, audiobooks, childrens books, doughnuts, cake mixes, bakeware, calandars, party favors, pet clothes, wine making and soon a Broadway show! Phew! I'm sure I've missed many other endeavors, but what I'm not gonna miss is the musical Hello, I'm Dolly! All other Broadway shows are trembling like Jolene's in town. Dolly with her 7 million followers will take all the ticket sales cuz everybody loves Dolly!


HHBD Judy Garland!🎈

Happy Heavenly Birthday to Judy Garland, the original 🌈 icon who brought so many so much joy with her movies and music. The voice of a generation who had no voice, Judy united the frineds of Dorothy and continues to unite us in spirit and song! We exalt you in perpetuity Judy, Judy, Judy! Follow your yellow brick road and you will find your OZ!


Rihanna on the Cover of Perfect Magazine

Looking picture perfect, Rihanna is baaack and commanding our attention, showing us her ever evolving style on the cover and in the pages of Perfect Magazine! RiRi is giving me Bette Davis meets, Busted meets, Lovey Howell realness all at the same time! A true chameleon at heart, it almost feels like she did this one for free just for the fun of it, but a true hustler will always utter 'Bitch better have my money'!


Cyndi Lauper Announces Farewell Tour

Time after time Cyndi Lauper has outdone sheself in they lifetime! From grandame of the MeTV generation, conquering Broadway with Kinky Boots and always being a triple plus plus ally of our communtiy and the disenfranchised. Cyndi now bids us adieu with the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun tour this fall. We've seen your true colors Cyndi girl and they are beautiful like a rainbow!


Wednesday is Hunkday!

Spaniard Marbys is a philosophizing fashion stylist who can put anything on and sashay down the street looking and feeling faboo! Marbys' giving me Wednesday Hunkday vibes bigtimes! Now go down a rabbit hole and do a deep dive on possible lewks in your near future!


HBD Kylie Minogue! 🎈

I've been neglecting my duties round here cuz all of a sudden I've been twerking day and night! Although my love don't cost a thing, turns out other things do! Anyhoo, I missed a whole lotta birthdays, like Cher's and I'm sorry. The tension was palpable, but I do believe I can make it up becasue it's Kylie Minogue's HBD! I hope you have a gorgeous birthday dear sweet beautiful songbird Kylie my Kylie and may many more #1 dreams come true for you too!


Listen here Linda!

Listen here Linda will be the catch phrase of the summer and Momma Ru is paying homage to the chilruns of the future well! This lil sasafrass gal's gone viral and has reached an epiphany! Say what you mean and mean what you say is my take away!