Madonna Gets Nasty in Her Bathroom

@madonna #nastygirl ♬ NASTY x YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY by Adamusic - Adam Wright
This is my first Tikity Toks repost proving old dogs like new trix cuz they're for kids! For this inaugural post I conclude my investigation and proclaim that Madonna does her best work in her bathroom these days! Madge never misses a moment to flaunt her saxy in her favorite room in her house post glam squad. Where is she off to I ask myself? Certainly not to bed and hopefully somewhere not age appropriate!


RuPaul's Drag Race Gets 10 Emmy Nods


Well,well, well what do we have here? Well, we have Emmy nominations for the best of the bestest in TV/streamaing. You gotta add the streaming these days because by my astute predictions I declare the televison will become obsolete. I digress, so anyhoo RuPaul and the funky bunch known as the World of Wonder team do it yet again and get double digit nominations. Kudos and clap/claps to the hardest twerking queens in showbiz! I got one thing to say, 'You best get it!'


RIP Richard Simmons

80's fitness Icon Richard Simmons has sadly left us and is Sweating to the Oldies in the big aerobics room in the sky! His health had been under speculation and rumors he was being held against his will in his home by nefarious folks were found untrue. Richard just wanted the simple quiet life after making bazillions of people happy exercising his lil heart out in his signature tank top, shortshorts and leg warmers. He recently resurfaced on the facebooks making peoples' day yet again! RIP Richard Simmons, you sparkled mighty bright!


Vogue World Paris Conquered


Just by chance I happend to stumble upon a lil' old fashions show, Vogue World Paris, live on the Place Vendome Paris that just so happend to have everyone who's anyone in it or in the audience salivating. Big names from stage, music, sports and screen swaggered around givng us life! Did I say sports? Yes sports, prolly because of Paris's pending Olympics. Anyhoo this homage to 7 decades of fashion captured all the fancy and taughts us some herstory too! I do believe that les grande hullabaloo twerked and was quite a spectacular spectacle for sore les yeux!


Ariana Grande - the boy is mine


As I eagerly await Wicked to come out this lil ditty by Ariana Grande is the next best thing! Here she is giving us Cat Woman realness and quite probably auditioning for the next Cat/Batman movie. Hint hint, that could be purrfection!


Dolly Parton Poised to Conquer Broadway

I always ask myself WWDD, what would Dolly do? Now I find myself asking WWDD, What won't Dolly do? Music, movies, TV, theme parks, cookbooks, audiobooks, childrens books, doughnuts, cake mixes, bakeware, calandars, party favors, pet clothes, wine making and soon a Broadway show! Phew! I'm sure I've missed many other endeavors, but what I'm not gonna miss is the musical Hello, I'm Dolly! All other Broadway shows are trembling like Jolene's in town. Dolly with her 7 million followers will take all the ticket sales cuz everybody loves Dolly!


HHBD Judy Garland!🎈

Happy Heavenly Birthday to Judy Garland, the original 🌈 icon who brought so many so much joy with her movies and music. The voice of a generation who had no voice, Judy united the frineds of Dorothy and continues to unite us in spirit and song! We exalt you in perpetuity Judy, Judy, Judy! Follow your yellow brick road and you will find your OZ!


Rihanna on the Cover of Perfect Magazine

Looking picture perfect, Rihanna is baaack and commanding our attention, showing us her ever evolving style on the cover and in the pages of Perfect Magazine! RiRi is giving me Bette Davis meets, Busted meets, Lovey Howell realness all at the same time! A true chameleon at heart, it almost feels like she did this one for free just for the fun of it, but a true hustler will always utter 'Bitch better have my money'!