AI Photography is Mind-Boggling


It's Monday and nothing noteworthy is catching my eye except for the AI photography I'm currently enjoying when it pops up on my socials. It's mind boggling what can be created. I prefer the future world people stuff like katsukokoiso.ai is doing here. The photographs are a portal into a familiar yet slilghtly unbelieveable world of what AI thinks we look like. Me likey this future!


SHAKIRA - BZRP Music Sessions #53


The she wolf Shakira has struck lightening with her hit BZRP Music Sessions #53. This song should be called , becasue of the catchy hook of  tú-úh-úh-úh-úh, but she already has a much more lovey dovey song named Tu . Incase you don't know Spanish so good, in English tú translates to you-ou-ou-ou-ou and you know who you is. Rumor has it that she went to work and came back to find the strawberry jelly had been eaten and no one in her house likes strawberry... Made her go hm-mm-mm-mm-mm. Lo and behold that tingly feeling you get when you think something is up was true. So what's a she wolf to do? Call your lawyer then howl out a stinging hit song that's an international sensation that just so happens to make tons of money while letting the world know who's lips don't lie!


Ariana Grande & Cynthia Enrivo in Wicked Movie


Incase you haven't heard, Ariana Grande and Cynthia Enrivo will defy gravity and are making or have already made Wicked into a movie. They are probably doing all the CG now and tightening up those high notes until it comes out in the fall. Not since The Wiz have I been this excited for a musical about a movie to become a musical then a movie again! Quick, fetch me my broom, my pointy hat, an avocado mask and let's follow the yellow brick road!


The 95th Oscars Brought the Glitz and Glam


The Oscars were last night and it was everything everywhere all at once and just as I suspected Everything Everywhere All at Once swept the awards show. Thankfully it is the one movie I did see, although it took me three times to watch it! The Daniels gave the best all inclusive speeches and the dashing movie producer, Jonathan Wang, accepted for best picture and gave a heartfelt speech which moved me to tear, one beautiful tear. Squish squish.  Speaking of sweeping there were a lot of glitzy gowns sweeping the floors last night including best actress winner Michele Yeho who channeled her inner pretty princess in Dior Coture dahling. Red clad Cara Delevigne gave us glamorous Hollywood moviestar emoji realness in her Elie Saab gown. Also bringing the glam was Wakanda royalty forever Angela Bassett in purple Moschino. Auntie may have lost to Jamie Lee Curtis for EEAAO (I just can't type it again), she won the red carpet wearing it better than most. Of course Rihanna came with child and sang her lil' Wakanda heart out which got a standing ovation, bravo brava! Living for the applause,  Lady GaGa also warbled out her nominated Top Gun ballad dressed down in jorts and a tshirt. It looked like La GaGa was singing from her friends parents basement which was confusing me and made me realize you can be everywhere all at once. Overall I laughed, I cried and it was better than Cats, plus I stayed up for the whole thing, so that's saying something. I do predict the movies are here to stay!



RuPaul Speaks the Truth


The grande dame of drag, RuPaul, speaks out against the crazy legislations against drag queens and transgenederd folks that are being passed here in the USofA. The main takeaway is that these politicians are using the oldest trick in the book of quick look over there while we continue doing other more dasterdly deeds right underneath your nose. This stunt is as old as the hills, but watch out because the hills have eyelashes, lace front wigs and stiletto heels on and we will fight for our rights like we are lyp synching for our lives!! Thank you for speaking up, showing out and encouraging us to vote Mama Ru. Maybe you should run for office? I've made my decision... sashay we stay!


Wednesday is Hunkday!


Hear ye! Hear Ye! Today is Wednesday Hunkday and today I proclaim NYC ballet dancer Jovani Furlan hunk of the week! Well maybe month, actually maybe for life! This dancer likes to use his phone for good and posts adorable content for us to enjoy. Not only is Jovani cute and talented, he seems real sweet making him the perfect Wednesday Hunkday hunk! 


Dancing Kid Makes Happy

This dump is no place for a child, but it is a safe space to be childlike. It's the equivalent of bringing your kid to a bar for happy hour. My advice is to leave it at the playground while you have your afternoon cocktail. I'm sure the nannies would all pitch in. It takes a village no? What ever you do do not listen to me, I don't have kids, although I can be very childish. Anyhoo, my inner child has been sparked by this lil cutie, Lucky Hang Hang, who's got the moves and knows how to work his camera phone better than me. If you are feeling down this kidtertainer will spark all kinds of joy and quite possibly inspire you to work out some dance moves of your own to post now or for future emergency use. I hope this brings you luck!


95th Oscars Coming


95 years of Oscars dream making and dream taking.  Win or lose the real fun is getting gussied up and waiting to party after and pray you don't lose your borrowed jewels. I'm sure everyone involved has learned a thing or two from last years slap seen around the world, so they have hopefully brushed up on their martial arts skills. With Michele Yeho nominated you better be ready to rumble! 


Adam Lambert - Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

On yesterdays The View, (yes I get all my daytime news and opinions from The View which should explain everything) Adam Lambert sang his new cover of Culture Club's olden goldie Do You Really Want to Hurt Me live for Whoopi and the gals. Well, I must say he tweaked it a bit and truly made it his own, equaling, but not surpassing Boy George's classic yodelling of this grocery store aisle staple. Hey, I have a no brainer idea, why don't they do a duet on let's say The Voice and/or American Idol and/or the Masked Singer? I'm sure all three are in the works already, so I'm probably late to the yodelling rodeo yet again and it's not my first time. 


RuPaul & Cast - Catwalk

Sometimes it takes a while for me to jump on a bandwagon, mostly becasue I was late and missed the bandwagon when it first came around or I was pulling up to the bumper in a long black über XL! My predilictions aside, this recently discovered RuPaul video for Catwalk includes her kooky cast of rapping drag minions plus it's a homage to the infamous George Michael Too Funky video. This double plus plus lil ditty gets stuck in your pretty lil head and the video is a feast fantastique for your long lashed and heavily made up eyes!