Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Janet Jackson on the Cover of Allure


When an international pop star comes back from that shadows it is of utmost importance to get a cover. A certain Janet, Ms. Jackson if your nasty, is emerging like a moth to a flame to bring us some new music perhaps? A Poetic Justice 2 maybe? A new nightgown line? Well you'll jsut have to wait and see like the rest of us what Janet Jackson will do in 2022.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Katy Perry Does her a Residency in Vegas

Like me you probably have been wondering what's going on with Katy Perry lately now that she's poped a baby out. The baby must be old enough to put in daycare now because Katy is very busy putting on a new show for us in Las Vegas where she's performing 6 shows a week and a matinee on Wednesday and Saturday, oh no wait that's Broadway. Like Adele she'll probably only do 3 days a week and keep it real easy. Hopefully she won't be encouraged to do 2 shows a day, 8 days a week like poor Britney. Anyhoo, I digress, the Katy Perry Show looks like it will be a feast for they eyes with costumes by the fabulous Zaldy! And if you like her warbling, for your ears too!

Monday, January 24, 2022

Måneskin Postpones European Tour



A very, very sad Måneskin postpones their much awaited European tour. These kids just want to rock, roll and provoke for the world to see. I see a full livestream concert in their future!

RIP Thierry Mugler


As fashion history continues to evolve, we have entered a phase when the greats of decades past are passing left and right it seems. Thierry Mugler was a designer of the old flamboyant school of glitzy glamour and kept it real saxy! Like way Too Funky saxy 🎷. One of my favorite music videos of all time showcasess Monsieur Muglers work for one George Michael. The fashion in this video was seminal for many who were inspired by his vision. His dream of a cosmic popstar dominitrix showgirl of the future kind of became a reality in this social media world. His vintage was worn most recently by Cardi B at the Grammys. The front row at the big fashion show in the sky just got more glamourous.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Junya Watanabe & Jamiroquai FW 2022


Junya Watanabe & Jamiroquai jam out with this inspirational collaboration and create a new virtual reality! Grab your trench, add a serape and get ye to the big hat store tout suite!

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Virgil Abloh Final Collection for Louis Vuitton


10 Men Magazine gives us a peek of the final collection by the late great Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton.  Paris Fashion Week FW22 had a somberly beautiful start to send off a much beloved designer. A reminder that when you create, it lasts beyond you and quite possibly forever.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

RIP André Leon Talley


Fashion editor extraordinair, André Leon Talley, has passed and gone up to the big Baptist church in the sky. Monsieur Talley was the first black editor at American Vogue. Starting his career at Interview Magazine for Andy Warhol, where ALT  broke down barriars by casting people of color in editorials and influencing the great designers of the Parisiane ateliers of the 70's, 80's & 90's. Most notably, advising his best friend Karl Lagerfeld. His memoir/fashion tome The Chiffon Trenches is a must read and goes into detail about his complicated friendships with fashion icons throughout his epic career. I was lucky enough to ride the elevator with ALT when I worked at Condé Nast. I overheard he was working with Renee Zellweger at the time and he dropped name after boldfaced name in conversation with a coworker. It was only a 6 floor elevator ride but the most memorable and the most thrilling elevator ride of my life! Rest in peace beautiful one. I'm sure Karl has prepared your accomadations to perfection for your eternal five star stay and your kiki will now last forever.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Rihanna is Ready for Valentine's Day


As Valemtine's Day approaches and people start going crazy cuckoo looking for love like it's last call, Rihanna has got you covered, well barely covered that is. Her Savage Fenty X lingere line has something for everyone! Forget roses and gift a studded lacy bodysuit perhaps or a silky neon green leopard print boxer. Saxy lingere may get your love life flowing in the right directional! Make sure it's not a one night only love and the kind that lasts at least until spring times!

Sunday, January 16, 2022

HBD Kate Moss! 🎈


HBD to the little waif that could! Kate Moss has transcended time to become the model of our era. Her face has launched thousands of ad campaigns and her supermodel life has captured our imaginations. From model to model agency owner, proving there is nothing those cheekbones can't do! Kate still and will continues to captivate us.  We love you Kate!

Friday, January 14, 2022

Dsquared2 Hits the Runway for FW22


Dean & Dan Caten are back on the runway IRL in Milan to show us what they've dreamed up for us to wear on a Fall/Winter chill. This collection is giving me Ben. eton sherpa glamping vibes. Who doesn't want to walk around with a comfy sleeping bag/blanket jacket when it's chilly? Always trust Canadians when it comes to dressing warm for the great outdoors! Note to self, get your serape out.