Emily in Paris Complete and Coming Soon

I need some Paris in my life and Emily in Paris is as close as it's gonna get for me right now, so I can't wait for my 3rd dose toots suite! Merci beaucoup to le EIP cast became my surrogate office co workers during duller times and gave me a raison d'etre!


KeKe Palmer Hosting SNL


Mi favorita and everyones favorite, KeKe Palmer, is hosting Saturday Night Live and will bring a breath of fresh to this old comedy institution. Queen of the kki, KeKe will bring her sass appeal I'm sure!

spoiler alert!

KeKe revealed she's preggers! Mazel tov!


HBD Bette Midler! 🎈


Divine Grande Dame, Bette Midler, has made it around the sun yet again to spread sunshine for a  greener planet, specifically here in NYC. Thank you for all you have done with the New York Restoration Project by making this world more beautiful like a rose! HBD Bette! 


RIP Irene Cara


Chanteuse and actress, Irene Cara, most famous for singing theme songs for Fame and Flashdance has passed on to the big gig on high. Thank you for siniging what we were feeling and that bein's believeing! Baby we'll remeber your name, remember, remember remember!


Billy Porter Getting Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


Legendary, out, loud and proud quadruple threat Billy Porter is getting they a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Billy twinkles, twinkles like a star and desrves one the world can high kick on with they Kinky Boots!


2023 Grammys Announced

I can't believe it's almost 2023 and the Grammys have been announced for next year. If you want a full list of nominees googoo it. I just like to deal with what I like and everybody likes LIZZO! If you don't, well that's ok too, but in a minute better get that dark heart checked! Anyhoos, Lizzo got 6 nominations and Beyoncé got 9 and that's really all you need to know. Both divas are up for Song of the Year and I hope they perform becasue if they share a stage it will be like Wakanda Forever!


Cher Does Balmain Good


I'm conflicted as it may appear I'm blurring the lines of my journalistic integrity because it might look like I'm schilling for high end pusses. In my defense, I have no integrity and Cher made me do it! Cher compels me to do almost everything. She defies gravity here by reverse aging for all the world to see, then ponder. I truly believe if you believe in life after love you will reverse age too!


Rihanna Gets Her Savage Fenty X On


It's that time of year again to have all your senses tingled with the Savage Fenty X underoos show by the one, the only, the new momma Rihanna! Prepare to be tantilized, titilated and taught about your saxy side. It's also that time of year to get something special for your parents, teachers, medical workers, first responders or clergy person in your life this holiday season!


Years & Years - 100% Pure Love


I do love me a good visualiser video, or any music video for that matter. Videos define an artist in time and gives you visuals to daydream about during the doldrums of life. Anyhoo, Olly Years and Years & Years redos' this Crystal Waters hit from years and years ago. Truthfully I do prefer my love pure and 100%! Don't settle for anything less unless being partially loved is your thing or you like to spread your love around.  Kudos to these kids for dusting this 90's dance hit off and making it twerk!


Wednesday is Hunkday!


Not all my Instagram boyfriends run around shirtless and spend all their time working out. A Wednesday Hunkday hunk also needs to have that something extra. That certain cha cha cha! Alfonso from Madrid has that certain something. Is it his fashion sense? His Joie de vivre or his cute dumb face? My rule is don't over think it,  just a like, like, like!