Wednesday is Hunkday!

Spaniard Marbys is a philosophizing fashion stylist who can put anything on and sashay down the street looking and feeling faboo! Marbys' giving me Wednesday Hunkday vibes bigtimes! Now go down a rabbit hole and do a deep dive on possible lewks in your near future!


HBD Kylie Minogue! 🎈

I've been neglecting my duties round here cuz all of a sudden I've been twerking day and night! Although my love don't cost a thing, turns out other things do! Anyhoo, I missed a whole lotta birthdays, like Cher's and I'm sorry. The tension was palpable, but I do believe I can make it up becasue it's Kylie Minogue's HBD! I hope you have a gorgeous birthday dear sweet beautiful songbird Kylie my Kylie and may many more #1 dreams come true for you too!


Listen here Linda!

Listen here Linda will be the catch phrase of the summer and Momma Ru is paying homage to the chilruns of the future well! This lil sasafrass gal's gone viral and has reached an epiphany! Say what you mean and mean what you say is my take away!


Madonna Dances & Sings for 1.6 Million in Brazil

Madonna breaks all records for attendance to a concert in Brazil, on the beach in Rio and it was Epic! Feeling the love of 1.6 million Brazilians adoring you all at once must feel like a bazillion bucks! Kudos Madonna, you done did it!


Met Gala 2024

Who you going to wear? is the question everyone is wondering right up to the last minute for the 2024 Met Gala. Some years I'm feelling the Met Gala and some years I'm just not. This year's Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion theme will hopefully inspire a fashion wake up and go go movemnt!


Wednesday is Hunkday!

Wednesday is Hunkday round these parts and sometimes one doesn't need to endlessly scroll until that perfect Hunkday Hunk pops up on your feed. I instantly knew and I was like hold em! Model Carlos Paret fits the bill! I don't know much about him yet, but what I do know me likey! Here Carlos spices up the world in a saxy uderwear shoot with a perfectly perched cowboy hat. He had me at the hat!


Tony Nominations Announced

I could post all the Tony Award nominees here but that's what the googoo is for. Consider me more of a sassy Alexa reminder! Everyone knows I'm a big huge theatre queen (with the Playbill collection to show) who loves anything and everything Broadway on and/or off off! If you have the talent and the courage to act, sing and/or dance live for anyone then I'm all applause! I can't do any of the above, so I'm happily relegated to the audience and living vicariously. Super excited for all the Tony Nominees becasue just making it to Broadway is a BFD! Kudos thespians!


Enter RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 9

Rupaul's all stars is my franchise favorita for many reasons, partially because I like my queens pedigreed and extremely well seasoned with a high school diploma or at least a GED! That said I'm thrilled for the season 9 all stars to start heating up the warm times coming! Oh and because these honies all got their monies already the winnings will be going to charity. So, start your engines and don't F@#$ it up queens because this one's for the peoples!