Rihanna Concert is Coming aka Superbowl


I'm getting super excited for the Rihanna concert coming soon along with that sports ball game. I just realized I don't know anything about balls except for when there are two of them, hmmm. I know as much about ball sports as I know about nuculear physics and I plan to keep it that way as I've done learnt enough in my life! Me knowing about these things will not advance society, but only take up valuable space in my random access memory that is full of the stuff you'll find here like drag queens, divas and disco dollies, the triple D's as I like to call them, these are the types of topics I like to enlighten you with and put on your gaydar. Oh and if your are looking for a good long run on sentence, I got you! Anyhoo, stay tuned for much more vapidity this year as I type my fngers to the bone, now take on your day and slay!

** Correction: Quadruple D's πŸ˜œ