Spice Girls Reunite for Posh's Big HBD! 🎈

HBBD to Victoria Beckham who celebrated in style at her star studded party which included her bff's Ginger, Scary, Sporty and Baby! If we can't have a reunion tour yet, a reunion for VB's star studded big HBD needs to suffice unitl they hit the road again becasue it's what we really really want! I don't have a crystal ball yet, but I got a real good feeling they will be spicing up our life sooner than later!


Troye Sivan on Cover of Homme Girls

I would file this look under why the heck not? Troye Sivan keeps making music and pushing boudries as international pop stars should! Touring this summer and living by my motto, 'when u got it flaunt it cuz when it droops u wish you did!' So best get it Troye!


Romy - She's On My Mind


She's On My Mind is one of those songs that gets in your head and plays on repeat in your mind every hour of every day, but in a good way! Romy is a super duper talented up and coming artist who is about to take over the musical universe and is currently on a micro world tour. Now with this video starring actor/chameleon Maisie Williams should help raise Romy's profile probably making this one of those summer songs you will hear everywhere in no time!


Cher & Jennifer Hudson Perform Believe

How I wish I could turn back time cuz I missed the iHeartRadio Awards and I can't BELIEVE that I missed Cher duet with Jennier Hudson singing the oldie but still goodie Believe! Thankfully there is the youtubes to relive the moment Jhud out sings Cher and Cher don't mind a bit because Cher's classy like that!


Wednesday is Hunkday!

Wednesday Hunkday Hunks come in all sizes and ages. Some are realtively unknown and some are known the world over like eternal hunk Ricky Martin! Here Ricky sits pondering life in bed as one does! To see more of him tune in to the stylish, campy and quirky Palm Royale which Ricky worked his lil bon bon out for the role and it shows so tune in and get turnt on!


Björk on the Cover of Vogue Scandinavia

It is of my self esteemed opinion that the international Vogue's take more chances and make the best covers these days and Scandinavian Vogue braves to put musical genius Björk on their cover much to my glee and dazzle my eyeballs! The swan has landed!


Beyoncé Drops Country Carter

Yee-haw! Today is the day Beyoncé breaks all records with her certified country album aptly named Cowboy Carter. And a Yippee Ki-yay too because Bey be giving us a cover of Dolly's classic Jolene to boot! I'm heading straight to my closet and dusting off my now vintage western gear from Madonna's Music era and save me some money honey!


HBD Diana Ross! 🎈


Happiest of birthdays to The Boss Diana Ross! Diana's music has always been there in the upsides and the downsides for us and I thank you for sweeping us all away to a mountain highe enough!