Wednesday is Hunkday!

Today is the first Wednesday of March and today's Wednesday Hunkday Hunk is the mysterious Vikas Wrestler7. This cutie patootie has risen to the top of my international favorites as I find him, his workouts and chosen workout wear fascinating. I know Vikas W7 likes milkshakes, but I'm not sure where he's from or where he works out. VW7's got quite a few followers who are probably wondering the same things. 'I'd like to try that gym, I wonder if they have a day pass?' Inquiring minds want to know!


White Lotus Wins SAG Award

Mine and everybodies favorite show last year was White Lotus and if you haven't seen it, then cancel all your meetings today and binge it immediatley.  The gang was all here to accept the Screen Actors Guild Award for best ensemble cast in a drama. Although it was a very dramatic series the actors cracked me up just as much. Mostly Jennifer Coolidge of course, Aubrey Plaza was sublime and Sabrina Impacciatore stole my heart with her infamous Peppa Pig comment while also wearing  Peppa Pig pink at last nights awards as homage I'm sure. Here F. Murray Abraham gives a heartfelt speech and gave everyone all the feels. Congrats to the whole cast and to Mike White for creating the best show out there in the streamingverse!


Miley Cyrus' Flowers is #1

I might be late to the Miley party, but better late than never thay say. If you want the latest news you can tap your way to TMZ or or my arch nemisissis' blog Dlisted. Here I post what I want, when I want, when I remember. Becasue here it's all about me, me and more me, oh and you too! That said, I'm gonna buy myself flowers today and you should do the same! Anyhoo, Miley Cyrus, (formerly known as Molly Cyprus until someone corrected me), is at the number one spot on the charts and on the YouTubes. Not since Gloria Gaynor's I will Survive has a heartbreak breakup empowerment song been sung so true. We've all been there and Miley just sings what the heart wants, to be loved and self love is the best kind of love there is because you always got you!


Alexis Stone Appears as Jennifer Coolidge for Diesel

Celebrity impersonation has been a thing for ages, now these days Alexis Stone takes it to the next level literally becoming Jennifer Coolidge 2.0. I had to do a double take when this graced my feed. I was like 'she looks amazing!', then I realized I still remain sweetly naive. Who wouldn't want to be impersonated and look even better than yourself? Diesel better be cutting two checks one to Alexis, but she probably got cash money on the spot. As well as a big huge Venmo deposit for Madame Coolidge so she can accept that crypto wherever she may be shooting becasue she is more popular than French Poodles these days. It's a win win for everyone in my bleary eyes!


Ana Taylor Joy Slays at the BAFTAs

Incase you were wondering, I've been on a Rumspringa roadtrip to reconnect with friends and family the last 3 weeks and drove south from Brooklyn to Texas and around the Gulf Coast to Florida. I thought I was driving from the cold, but wound up bringing the cold everyone tolds me. Also, no posts during such shanaynayigans beacause I forgots me computer and finding a Mac store or a library to do this was absurd! 
Now, going from cold to hot, Ana Taylor Joy, turns up the heat at the BAFTAs and brings it to a boil with all the golden glam one could muster! She also brought with her a huge ass pashmina incase she gets chilly in that barley there mini. This whole lewk deserves a Caliente Cab Company award!


2023 Oscar Nominations Announced


I used to spend hours cutting, pasting, formatting and working my lil fingers to the bone laboring to bring you the list of nominations realizing finally you can just googoo it yourself. I just want to espouse on what I saw which was none of them, except for 1/2 of Everything Everywhere All At Once. So, I solemnly swear they should win everywhere or at least 1/2 of everything! Stephanie Hsu is my fave so far for best supporing actress in EEAAO because I really liked her performance as the "mo money, mo money" girl in the twins credit card commercial. Proving I have an eagle eye for talent! All that said, it still stands that I got a lotta movies to watch! Thankfully, I can watch them at home and and don't worry I even have some on my dvrs already!


Bowen Yang is George Santos on SNL


It's been a while for me to watch a whole Saturday Night Live and I'm all in again! Comedic secret weapon Bowen Yang  (think Owen with a B) slayed playing George Santos, Americas next top drag queen! The spoofing was delightfully foolish which featured smoking hot show host Aubrey Plazas. Not to mention fabulous musical guests entrancing us with UnholySam Smith and Kim Petras, who made quite the entrance. Speaking of holey things, me thinks Bowen lives in my hood and we may or may not use the same beautiful laundresses! It gives me great pride that our underwear is being folded by the same prescious hands. Separately, not together, but equally I'm sure. I look forward to way more of this GS BS schtick on SNL!


Gonna Be You—Dolly Parton•Belinda Carlisle•Cyndi Lauper•Gloria Estefan•Debbie Harry

The line up on, Gonna Be You, will tackle you over! Dolly Parton, Belinda Carlisle, Cyndi Lauper, Gloria Estefan & Debbie Harry oh my! Tom Brady sure knows what he's doing to get the gays to come see his sports ball movie because we do love our divas and tight ends!


HBD Dolly Parton! 🎈


Happy Birthday to singer/songwriter/supernova Dolly Parton! I once had the ultimate pleasure of seeing her perform at Radio City Music Hall years ago and I could still pinch myself. When she palyed the Dulcimer I thought the angels were calling me from heaven! Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about that glorious evening when I need to self soothe. Dolly lights up the world with her talent and her kindness reigns supreme. I ask myself often, HWDD, 'How would Dolly do?' then I do. Today I do hope she's drinking tea, dancing and having a party! Happiest of birthdays Dolly, everybody loves you!


Wednesday is Hunkday!


As you may or may not know it's Wednesday today, becasue I just found out. When I remember I immediately drop everything and scour the internets for a hunk du jour for your viewing pleasure. Today's Wednesday Hunkday Hunk that has caught my eyeballs attention is Adam Moonyos. Adam likes to take photos of himself in mirrors, try on clothes for you in dressing rooms and has a penchant for athleisure wear. As he should! So, feel free to oogle and google him if you must. I think he likes it like that!