2023 Oscar Nominations Announced


I used to spend hours cutting, pasting, formatting and working my lil fingers to the bone laboring to bring you the list of nominations realizing finally you can just googoo it yourself. I just want to espouse on what I saw which was none of them, except for 1/2 of Everything Everywhere All At Once. So, I solemnly swear they should win everywhere or at least 1/2 of everything! Stephanie Hsu is my fave so far for best supporing actress in EEAAO because I really liked her performance as the "mo money, mo money" girl in the twins credit card commercial. Proving I have an eagle eye for talent! All that said, it still stands that I got a lotta movies to watch! Thankfully, I can watch them at home and and don't worry I even have some on my dvrs already!