Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mommas Boy day!

Mother and Child (detail from The Three Ages of Woman), c.1905

I like to call Mother's day, Mommaas Boy day because if it wasn't for my mothers undiluted love I would not have grown into the warrior princess I am today! I thank you mommy for carrying me around for 9 months before birkin bags were the rage. I thank you mom for always treating me like this seasons hottest accessory and never letting me feel out of style! I thank you mommy dearest for supporting my queerness although I know it was tough at first. I thank you madre mia for being my beacon of light and hope! Thank you to the mother of my boo, you made life to the man of my dreams! In my eyes you are immortal. oh and props to my gay mommma too! You done told me NYC is just another city and if I want to it could be my city too. You raised me to the next level. Love to all the mommas of the world today!


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