Friday, June 10, 2011

Heat wave-breaking storm forces Blackeyed Peas free concert in Central Park to cancel:(

It was 98 degrees in NYC yesterday and I'm not talking Nick Lachey. It was hotter than dog doo doo in a skillet! I was very concerned that if the BEP's did go on that Fergie Ferg's face would have melted right off. Mine almost did on the subway platform, but I maintained. I prayed, as she probably did as well, for an act of god. Well he heard our prayers and right before showtime the sky blackened and the lord sent thunder & lightening from above and then the rains came. Sadly for the fools who waited all day, the show was cancelled. Luckily for us, the rain passed and cooled the city off for a minute, oh and Fergies face was saved! There is a God and he likes Wild Orchids.

Heat wave-breaking storm forces free concert cancellation -

fergie ferg asks Taboo? to apologize for her on twitter

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