Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yoga and exercise may have killed Amy Winehouse, allegedly.

It ended with a rendition of Carole King's "So Far Away," one of Amy's favorite songs, and her father saying,
"Good night, my angel, sleep tight. Mummy and Daddy love you ever so much."
Earlier, her boyfriend, Reg Traviss, denied rumors that the singer had died Saturday in a drug-fueled haze.
"She had been full of life and so upbeat recently, exercising every day and doing yoga," he told The Sun newspaper.
"This terrible thing that happened is like an accident."

I rest my case about Yoga and exercise.
I'm going to lay off the stuff it's deadly.

On a side note Back to Black is at number 9 on the charts again.
She's still making money.
I'm just waiting for the feeding frenzy for the millions to begin.

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