Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pat Sajak and Vanna White appeared on 'Wheel of Fortune' drunk

Pat copping a feel drunk perhaps after wasting away in margaritaville?
I do miss the days when you would go shopping and put things "on account".
I always wanted a 3ft ceramic cheetah for my living room.

"This was an underappreciated option since it befell the same fate as "Family Feud's" play/pass rule. About 99.99% of the time the contestants chose to put the rest of their spending cash on a Giorgio/Tiffany/Service Merchandise gift certificate. Hardly anybody took the gamble to put any money "on account." It's a shame because "on account" added an element of risk. Should the contestant to place all of the money that they won in Round 1 "on account" in hopes of winning enough money in the later rounds to buy bigger prizes like a car in the later rounds?? Was the gamble worth losing it by not solving any later puzzles or hitting BANKRUPT?? The addition of the bonus round in 1981 made things worse for the "on account" option by taking away any incentive to take the "on account" gamble since a contestant could simply win the big prize in the bonus round. This drove the final nail in the coffin for putting things "on account."

Pat Sajak has appeared on 'Wheel of Fortune' drunk -

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