Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whitney Houston's Death To Earn Dolly Parton A Fortune

Dolly is no Dummy and yes crack is whack because you'll wake up broke next time you nod out. I bet Dolly would have hired her to perfome at Dollywood. Perhaps in an alternate reality.

"On records, the typical mechanical royalty paid to the writer/publisher is about 8 cents per radio performance," a successful songwriter told me.
"That would all go to Dolly. Whitney is only the singer. She receives an advance from the record company based upon anticipated album sales. Figure that's around $2.00 per album.\\"Whitney was living off of advances -- loans from the record company -- and had been [for] quite some time," the insider said. "Most likely the estate owes the record company a ton and future sales will be used to pay back that loan before any money goes to the estate. The songwriters, however, will make a bundle."

Whitney Houston's Death To Earn Dolly Parton A Fortune:

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