Monday, April 2, 2012

Spice Girls musical is delayed?

A Spice Girls Musical? Tell me do I want do I really really want? Yes I kind of do. Hurry up already!

Jennifer Saunders, who starred in cult hit “Absolutely Fabulous,” is writing the show, which we’re told would follow a mother who takes her daughter to a talent competition, all set to Spice Girls tunes. But sources say the five original “Wannabe” singers are holding things up: Even though they won’t be in the show, they’re supposed to be giving Saunders feedback and ideas. “Melanie Brown [Scary Spice] and Melanie Chisholm [Sporty Spice] can’t agree on anything,” says a source. “It’s driving Jennifer crazy.

Spice Girls musical is delayed because bandmates Melanie Chisholm and Melanie Brown can’t get along -

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