Monday, November 26, 2012

Is Lindsay Lohan Really Anything Like Elizabeth Taylor?


@BretEastonEllis (writer of Lohan's next movie Canyons: "I'm thoroughly enjoying and consistently amused by Liz & Dick. The haters went overboard on this one."
@JackGrayCNN: "This is the kind of performance you get when someone is willing to work for a used VW Cabriolet full of Camel Lights."
@AdamShankman: "They r doing a marvelous job of making one of the greatest actresses of all time out to be one of the worst people of all time. #LizandDick"
‏@donallogue: "God I pray #LizandDick is such a ratings success in an ironic way that Lifetime immediately goes into production of #Liz&MJ beyond neverland"
Patton Oswalt: "'We're next.' -- Ben Affleck and J-Lo, texting each other. #lizanddick"
@fuggirls: "The chemistry between LiLo and Grant Bowler is the equivalent of trying to light a cigarette with an ice cube. -H #LizAndDick"
@BoweryBoys: "A plain white screen rolling the text of Elizabeth Taylor's Wikipedia entry would be more compelling. #LizAndDick"
‏@stefispice: "Liz and Dick use the same set as The Lizzy McGuire Movie. That's a true story. #behindthestory"
@erinmallorylong: "Guys, there's already RAZZIE buzz around Liz and Dick!"
@ryansatin: "Watching Liz and Dick ... the best comedy of the year since Twilight."
@joshuagates: "Lindsay Lohan in Liz and Dick: 'I'm bored. I'm so bored!!' You and me both, kid. You and me both."

'Liz & Dick' co-star Grant Bowler weighs in on the actress' portrayal of the stage icon to MTV News.

Is Lindsay Lohan Really Anything Like Elizabeth Taylor?

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