Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 Grammy's Best Dressed

Yes really! This may not be your cup of tea but  at least Adele took a risk and wore a lot of color even though we were only really needing one.

JT looking dapper as usual. Loving the two tone penny loafer.

Beyoncé basically brings it classy. Just wait till next year!

Kelly Rowland works it.

Karli Kloss knows how to pose! Practice much?

Drake channeling his inner movie star.

Katie Perry bringing the fabulous chi chi show she has come to be known for!

Rihanna Hair

Rihanna had the best hair!  

via Huffpo

It's a shame RiRi's and Katie Perry's friendship has cooled.
They couldn't even sit next to eachother.
I wonder why?

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