Thursday, April 25, 2019

Madonna, Maluma, Medellin oh My!

Madonna's ballyhooed new video for her new song Maluma featureing Medellin or is it the other way around? Nevertheless my take aways from this video as a top Madonnaologist (in my head), theese are the things I've never seen before in one of her many, many, many, many videos. I've never seen her ride a horse before which proves she is filthy rich because that's a rich people thing. I've never seen her wear an eyepatch before. I'm sure this is a homage to Pete Burns from Dead or Alive. I also noticed her licking his or her toe. Whatever floats your boat Madonna. I'm jsut a dumb jealous bitch. One thing I'm sure of from all this Medellin is that that Mr. Maluma makes me feels hot, hot, hot!