Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Jennifer Lopez & Company Drop Trailer for Hustlers

Finally the trailer is here for the Gone With the Wind of stripper movies, Hustlers. The title was pretty much the pitch and is the synopsis of the film as well. With stars like these who needs anything but a glam squad and a camera. Oh and a pole. JLo, the hardest working girl on the 6 train, is leading the cast. She probably plays a mother hen type to a gaggle of sparkly, siliconed, nailed and wigged stippers. I'm also super excited to see Cardi B finally play herself. Lizzo makes her screen debut and could possibly steal the show. Gladly, much to my surprise, Julia Stiles is in this to class it up a bit. Please play a soccer a mom stripper, please play a soccer mom stripper, please play a soccer mom stripper! There, I said it 3 times now it will haappen.