Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Ring in 2020 Like a Dance Monkey

This catchy lil' ditty by Tones and I is EVERYTHING to me right now. It will probably be stuck in my head on repeat and could very easily last all decade. I also really, really love this video! It's so unsexy, uncool and unpretntious. Like a breath of fresh! The 2010's were about trying too hard to be liked & pretneding to be rich whilst in debt. Disposable fashion and the overbranding of everyone and everything became sickeningly ok. Influencers oversold their sexy in the cloud. DJ's, Pop tartlets, Rappers and the like throwing hunny dolla bills around made it rain way too much for my umbrella. In retrospect the 10's were a decade of excess. 2020 will be the exact opposite, I hope?!?! Where less is more and being happy doesn't mean over 100k likes or cost a gazilion dollars. Don't get me wrong we all need money to pay the bills, bills, bills,  but do we need to consume for the mere sake of consuming? Okay, I'm done preaching my gospel for the upcoming decade. Back to my erratically unschedule vapid programming.
Wishing you a perfect 2020 full of visions of love and happiness!
Lets dance 2020 in and remember that all the rest is gravy baby!