Thursday, January 23, 2020

♥️HBD Dlisted!♥️

I would like to wish Michael K, the Zsa Zsa Gabor of blogging, a most bodacious quniceañera HBD for the audacious, groundbreaking and seminal blog Dlisted. Some people (one person to my face!) have accused me of cheesing off the moniker which is only 99.9% true. I would like to consider it more a homage and inspiration. Like the wind beneath my wings, but with no return trip.
He/she/they/them brought such delectable words as Nalgas & Chonies into our everday language. He/she/they/them discovered ubërstars like Phoebe Price, aka Chicken Cutlets, the face that launched a billion hits. Most importantly, he/she/they/them taught us not to take everything or anything too seriously because life is better that way.
Over the years we have laughed and cried, from the high jinx (emphasis on high) that come from that oversized brain to those dainty clawed fingertips right to our eager eyeballs, further corrupting our tainted hearts every single day. I can only dream of getting 0.1% of the hits you do a minute in my lifetime. HBD Dlisted! We will always love yooose.♥️