Friday, March 27, 2020

Patti LaBelle Sings to Soothe Our Nerves

♥️No one could have sung it better than Patti LaBelle who's here to help put this all into perspective. I'm in complete total agreement with her in the same way I'm certain her pies are delicous, that God's does appear to have the whole world in his/her/they/thems (Shems) hands. On my lunch break once I saw her sing with a gospel choir in Grand Central Station for some promotion. Patti was resting her pipes that day and did not sing too much, nor have her famous bucket hair on. Instead, she let the choir shine bright. Patti chimed in here and there and hit some holy notes that shook those rafters! Reminding me that a little Patti goes a long way!♥️