Wednesday is Hunkday!


Wednesday is Hunkday round here and a hunk who can sing does no wrong in my eyes and ears. Crooning musician, Sean Rumsey, has been gracing my feed with his dulcet tones, scattered with shirtless workouts since forever. Enough said and listen for yourself and give sweet soulfull Sean a like and a follow!  


Christian Siriano is Ready for NYFW

Fashion darling, Christian Siriano, is making it work overtime as he fluffs and readies to wow at New York Fashion Week! NYC is in an uber tizzy as NYFW gets it's real groove back and comes at us like a hurrcicane in full force so gird your loins!


Lizzo Wins Big at MTV VMAs


Lizzo clad in Gaultier was ready to be loved and won the Video for Good award (whatever that means) at MTVs VMAs last night. It's about damn time!


Britney & Elton Make Beautiful Music Together


No posts recently because my beloved dog died and he checked all my grammar and spelling. After much sadness like Britney I'm back! All ears are on Britney again singing with Sir Elton John and his dusted off new fangled version of Tiny Dancer. EVERYONE says it's a bona fide hit! A hit I will sing Hold me closer Tony Danza to in the grocery aisle for many more years to come!


Linda Evangelista is Back on the Cover of Vogue

Linda Evangelista is back! The true mother of the House of Evangelista is in front of the camera where she belongs and gets all dolled up for yet another cover! Yay for you and us Linda, your beauty is evergreen!


Adele on the Cover of Elle


Adele on the cover of Elle magazine has a certain ring don't it? The angsty warbler looks all growed up, gorgeous and ready to take your man or at least your money in Las Veags! Her weekend residnecy is about to begin so prepare to shed a few dollars with a few tears too if you are so lucky to go and/or lose money at the slots. 


Disco Oasis in NYC is a Roller Disco Dream


Disco Oasis is the funnest thing to happen in Central Park since the brambles began! An outdoor roller disco has been the highlight of the summer for many a roller disco dolly. They even got Madonna out with with le chic Nile Rodgers to roll, bounce, skate on a hot summer night in NYC and make everyone freak out!


Wednesday is Hunkday!


Wednesday is Hunkday and today I go deep in my vault of favorites to bring you All American sweetheart  Daniel Peyer. His smile and dimples cheer me up anytime I'm feeling a bit meh.  Mostly he seems like a really nice down to earth guy which to me is as good if not better than having abs. When you have both it's a win win situation for all of us! Give Daniel a lil' follow and let him make your day too!


RIP Olivia Newton John


Olivia Newton John has gone up to the big jukebox in the sky and her light will be sorely missed. If you ever heard one note of music come out of her mouth you would be hopelessly devoted too. RIP ONJ you learnt me all about love and left a permanent imprint on my heart.

Beyoncé & Madonna - Break My Soul Remix


When two Queens collide musically it's a recipe for disaster or pure Genius. In the case of this mashup/remix of Break My Soul by Beyoncé with Madonna's seminal Vogue, we get a dance hit to get qweens of all generations sashaying to the dancefloor toot suite! Shablam, shablam shablam!