SHAKIRA - BZRP Music Sessions #53


The she wolf Shakira has struck lightening with her hit BZRP Music Sessions #53. This song should be called , becasue of the catchy hook of  tú-úh-úh-úh-úh, but she already has a much more lovey dovey song named Tu . Incase you don't know Spanish so good, in English tú translates to you-ou-ou-ou-ou and you know who you is. Rumor has it that she went to work and came back to find the strawberry jelly had been eaten and no one in her house likes strawberry... Made her go hm-mm-mm-mm-mm. Lo and behold that tingly feeling you get when you think something is up was true. So what's a she wolf to do? Call your lawyer then howl out a stinging hit song that's an international sensation that just so happens to make tons of money while letting the world know who's lips don't lie!