The 95th Oscars Brought the Glitz and Glam


The Oscars were last night and it was everything everywhere all at once and just as I suspected Everything Everywhere All at Once swept the awards show. Thankfully it is the one movie I did see, although it took me three times to watch it! The Daniels gave the best all inclusive speeches and the dashing movie producer, Jonathan Wang, accepted for best picture and gave a heartfelt speech which moved me to tear, one beautiful tear. Squish squish.  Speaking of sweeping there were a lot of glitzy gowns sweeping the floors last night including best actress winner Michele Yeho who channeled her inner pretty princess in Dior Coture dahling. Red clad Cara Delevigne gave us glamorous Hollywood moviestar emoji realness in her Elie Saab gown. Also bringing the glam was Wakanda royalty forever Angela Bassett in purple Moschino. Auntie may have lost to Jamie Lee Curtis for EEAAO (I just can't type it again), she won the red carpet wearing it better than most. Of course Rihanna came with child and sang her lil' Wakanda heart out which got a standing ovation, bravo brava! Living for the applause,  Lady GaGa also warbled out her nominated Top Gun ballad dressed down in jorts and a tshirt. It looked like La GaGa was singing from her friends parents basement which was confusing me and made me realize you can be everywhere all at once. Overall I laughed, I cried and it was better than Cats, plus I stayed up for the whole thing, so that's saying something. I do predict the movies are here to stay!